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Eagerly Waiting

December 18, 2013

The Holy Spirit continually intercedes for us according to the will of God. The Spirit is ever present, helping us in our weakness, giving us greater hope and consolation. We eagerly wait for what we do not see...

Trust and Our Image of God

December 4, 2013

The image we hold of God, the one we actually live out of, influences our willingness to trust God. Who is this God we are asked to trust? And how does he meet us in our pain, suffering, weakness, and powerlessness?

Shifting our Gaze

October 30, 2013

Does it matter where we fix our gaze? Does the object of our gaze affect how our lives unfold? Today's text helps us re-shift our gaze back onto the One who loves us and has the power to free us and transform us.

Living in Agreement with God

October 16, 2013

Sometimes we don't think so clearly or intentionally about the implications of our choices, agreements or relationships. These words speak to  fidelity of heart in relationship with God and what the possibilities might be that dilute or break that fidelity instead of nourishing it.

We are invited to walk "yoked" with Christ. And it is in Christ that we have been cleansed and given a new and right Spirit within us. He will guide us into paths of right living and will be with us as our strength and light as we walk back into the world, known as one who belongs to God. Reflect on this basic intention of your heart. Where are you?

Do Not Be Afraid I Am With You

October 2, 2013

Interspersed in the following words from Isaiah 43 are the whispers of God to you, "You are precious to me, you are honored and I love you. Do not be afraid, for I am with you."  It is these very whispers that come in the darkness, in the  times of fear, in times of doubt that speak to our heart and become our hope. God will make a way through it. Let God's whispers of love and hope penetrate your heart and mind as you read the Word.

What is it to live wholehearted?

September 18, 2013

These words seem an invitation to reflect on one's inner attitude and "heart" place in all of one's life and relationships - home, work, family, play. Are you really in these relationships and tasks from a place of loving regard, or do you hold some resentment or grudgingly show up.  Perhaps you might take into your prayer what you can offer yourself to that is "unto the Lord."

What is it that God has invited you into, rather than what you think you "should" be doing?  Do you have an attitude of slavery or loving service and partnership with God? Wholehearted may mean saying "yes" to what the Lord invites, and learning to say "no" to something else.

And, when there is work that you "have" to do rather than what you "want" to do, consider cultivating an attitude of gratitude as "unto the Lord." All of life is here to be lived in the Presence of God now.

Our God is doing this!

December 11, 2013

Can you imagine the banquet which God is preparing for us? A banquet with no veil, no death, no tears, no shame. Would you like to taste of it already? This passage will aid us in our waiting for the One who has come to save us, the One who is doing this!

Stories of Restoration

November 6, 2013

This passage has helped many begin or deepen their prayerful interaction with Jesus. Jesus is remarkably present, available, and compassionate in these stories. Do you long to be well and risk reaching out in faith for the Healer? Do you long to be known? Are you fed up with the voices that beckon you to give up? Come back to this passage again and again in your prayer. You may be surprised at how Jesus meets you in this story and the transformation he brings about over time. Be blessed.

Working the Words into Your Life

October 23, 2013

Each week we listen to, pray with, and have conversation about the words that we hear in a Scripture text. Working these Words into our lives means we allow them to enter our heart and mind; we chew, we digest, we allow the Word through the Spirit to inhabit us and change us, our thoughts, our actions, and our choices as opposed to "using the Word for our own purposes and gain." Working the Word into our life opens the way for us to be formed and transformed by the Word into the likeness of Christ, the living Word.

Becoming one with Christ

October 9, 2013

Yes, it happens by faith. Yet, in reality we are prone to forget. We lose sight of the relationship Christ has given us. What helps you remember and return to living in vital union with God through Christ? 

Food for the Soul

September 25.2013

We eat and drink a number of food and beverages every day. In this story Jesus invites us to recognize from where our real life nourishment and wholeness comes. 

If we really believe that Christ is the Bread that is most needed, how might that change our daily rhythms? Taking in food and drink are essential to fuel our physical bodies for our work and daily life. How is it we can feed on this Bread from heaven, the One who gives us life, now and forever? Might you see this food as essential to sustaining your life? What might this look like for you?

Prayer and the Word are "feeding tubes" for our soul. 

What is God Doing?

September 11, 2013

This is quite a story and it takes an entire chapter, not just a few verses. Try to enter the story and see who you are most like.  What is God inviting you to see?

Someone to Count On

August 28, 2013

Do you long for someone whom you can count on? Someone's who's got your back and cares for you when you are facing into the wind?

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