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Deborah Luedtke

For over six years I have been fortunate in living out the spiritual gift of being a Spiritual Director at Restoration Ministries. Companioning another in discovering and being open to God’s presence is the role of a Spiritual Director. This special relationship----either one-to-one or in a group setting--- is about savoring the awareness of God’s presence and letting it develop into a deep, authentic relationship. It is about allowing that ongoing relationship with God to become transformational.  The “help” I provide comes in many forms and essentially allows time for listening, questioning and reflecting to bring clarity of an experience that tells us that God is near. 

This process is life changing!  I know from personal experience.  I was introduced to spiritual direction over 15 years ago while going through a difficult period of doubt, stress and indecision. On the outside, my life seemed good but inside it was messy. My spiritual director listened well and helped me identify God’s movement within the crisis. Although that particular life story is now over, I have continued in meeting with a spiritual director as our time together assists me in becoming more aware of the significance of God’s interactions within me, growing in my relationship with God and living my life more fully as He created me to be.  It also introduced me to other spiritual practices that allowed me to live more moment-to-moment with God in the midst of daily life.

At Restoration Ministries I serve as a spiritual director, board member, retreat facilitator, “Creative Journaling as a Contemplative Practice” class leader and a guide for a “Women in Ministry” listening group. Before retirement I worked as an educator for over 30 years within the public school system at the classroom, school, district and state level.


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