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Julie Schewe

I am a mother of three fabulous teenagers who keep me busy and always growing and changing. I grew up in Chicago and came to know Christ as a freshman at Wheaton College. I majored in history and pre-med with plans to go on to medical school, but, as often happens, circumstances changed and so did my plans. Instead of starting medical school, I launched a small insurance appraisal business in which I still work today. My business has allowed me to support my family with the flexibility needed to be available to the rigors of life with three kids.

As is common for many, I have found profound growth and change in the most difficult and trying parts of my story. The God-song that emerged from my childhood spoke of a God that was far away and disapproving of who I was and what I had allowed and done, and it colored every part of my life. My healing journey has been one of listening to my God-song note by note and allowing the false melodies of lies and shame to fall away, and for God, through prayer, His Word, and community, to fill in my God-song with truth and the reality that God is not only near to me, but that a huge smile breaks out on his face whenever He sees me. Restoration Ministries is a place where our God-songs can be heard and shared, and where God’s truth, through His Word and his people, can seep into our wounded places and provide wholeness and healing. It is my greatest privilege to serve at Restoration Ministries.


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