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Tony Kroening

I came to a saving and personal relationship with Jesus as a teenager through my mother’s life and witness.  During my college years, I became grounded in my faith while involved in a para-church ministry. It was then that I came to understand my call as an evangelist.   After a few vocational twists and turns, I felt the calling and compelling of the Holy Spirit to attend Seminary, where I thirsted for a deeper knowledge of Christ and maturity in my faith.   The last two decades have been filled with the challenge and joy of living out my faith in the context of business.  It has been a beautiful and challenging journey. 

My career and calling moved from Electrical Engineering to Secondary Education Teacher, followed by a decade in Pastoral Ministries. Sensing a call to the business world and the challenge of integrating my faith brought me into a decade of Technical Search and then Executive Search. Currently, I have a portfolio of search and consulting products with faith based organizations, churches, and corporate clients, some of whom reconnect with me even after 2 decades within the discipline of the search. 

Over the last twenty years, I have served on a number of faith based, not-for-profit boards. I served on the board of TreeHouse as Chairman and as leader of their Executive Committee. I recently left the board, after 9 years, but I am still involved at TreeHouse on two committees—one that focuses on the spiritual and professional development of their staff, and another known as “TreeHouse Transitions”, which involves developing a vocational process and paths for youth.

I have a wonderful wife and life partner in Karna, who is a mother to our 2 boys and a Special Education Teacher.  Karsten is our teenager at Southwest Christian School and he may be one of the most thoughtful and faithful young Christian men that I know.  Kai is our blessed Middle School boy with Down syndrome.  He is a great joy and he radiates the presence of Jesus that keeps us laughing and centered on the simple truths of Jesus.

I have referred people to Restoration Ministries over the past decade, and I have also moved through my own personal journey through Spiritual Direction at Restoration Ministries.  This has brought me into a “new rhythm” of my own relationship to Jesus and closer to the desire of my heart.

Tony Kroening, MDIV


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