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Diane Johnson

I believe that throughout my life God has been preparing me for the ministry of Spiritual Direction. In my early childhood in downtown Minneapolis, through college, and in each of my work and personal experiences I have been challenged to recognize Gods presence in my life. At times my relationship with God has felt solid, at other times I felt far removed and longed for a deeper relationship with the triune God who is my Creator, Savior and Sustainer.

I worked for 35 years in corporate America where my positions ranged from computer programmer to project lead to middle manager. In each position my underlying concern was for the welfare and spiritual lives of my coworkers. God eventually called me out of corporate life and I entered Luther Seminary where I graduated with my MA.

After graduation, I realized my spiritual journey into a deeper relationship with God was only beginning. I sought Spiritual Direction to help me discern where the journey might lead. As a result I began and completed my training as a Spiritual Director.
Now my passion is to listen to the life stories of people and discern with them how God has been and continues to be present in their lives. With each person I meet, I am reminded of God’s involvement in all of life. Each of my interests from kayaking to reading to travel also points to that involvement. I am especially touched by floating with the loons in my kayak. The loons are God’s amazing creations and gazing into the clear water of the lake reminds me of my own transparency to God.


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