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Kim Isaak

MSFL, Spiritual Director, Pastor, and Executive Director of Restoration Ministries

As a Spiritual Director, I come alongside others to listen in confidential, unhurried settings where your life and story are met with interest, respect, gentleness and compassion, trusting that God is with us in these conversations. Together we discover where God is in your story and nurture your friendship with God. I enjoy leading retreats where individuals and teams can step aside from the crazy busy noise and make room to listen to God. An area which I feel particularly passionate about is offering a safe place for pastors, spiritual directors and other soul care providers to have a place to listen and care for their own souls.

A little about me…
Gazing up at the prairie blue sky, I just knew that God was up there. Somewhere. Somewhere just beyond my reach but still, always there. I wondered a lot about God as a child, I said my prayers at mealtimes and bedtime. Over time I memorized quite a bit of Scripture and knew the Bible well but if I was honest, I was not convinced that God liked me all that much.
In my early 30’s and in a season of immense change and mounting grief, God gifted me with an experience that I had always longed for; someone to really, truly listen to me. Formally, this experience was named Spiritual Direction, where two come together to listen for God’s voice and presence. Informally, it was a place deep within me where I knew I had come home and could honestly be myself, just as I was. My self-disclosure was met with interest, compassion, grace, gentleness, kindness, and a sacred reverence that I had never known before. I was not a problem that needed to be fixed. I still recall hearing myself say in that first conversation, “This is love, and I don’t know how to love like this.”  Having a safe place to talk about my inner life which included God changed me and the trajectory of my life.  I became more honest with myself and others. I became aware of what I really felt and gained courage to talk about these things with Jesus in my prayer. I found my voice. I learned how to place myself in God’s story revealed in the Scripture and I learned to hear the voice of God – the tone of voice as much as the words. Shame eventually had less power. I discovered real peace, contentment, freedom and hope. Less afraid to be alone, I began to welcome solitude and silence. I became motivated more by love and less by fear and over time I came to truly know myself as the Beloved One of God. Prayer, even if it seems empty and dry at times, has become a delight and as natural as my breath. From this anchored place in God, I gained clarity about what I value and how God and I partner together in renewing this world.

My education began with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba and then I was employed as a senior divisional manager of a furniture manufacturing company for 10 years. During a 15-year Spiritual Direction apprenticeship with Rev. Jean Leih, the Founder of Restoration Ministries I completed my Master’s Degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Spring Arbor University in 2012. I was licensed for Pastoral Ministry in 2013.  Currently I am completing Supervision training with Together in the Mystery. Phil and I married in 1988 and have two grown children. We like to play together outdoors, particularly anywhere near water, forests or mountains. I enjoy reading, long walks, traveling, and creating with my calligraphy pens and ink.


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