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Women In Ministry Listening Group

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Today more and more women are being called by God to go into ministry and to live out their special gifts from God in various religious vocations.  These vocations range from soul care providers, pastors, spiritual directors and non-profit leaders. As these gifted women search for continued meaning and purpose in their vocation, they may also seek a safe environment within an authentic spiritual community of like-souls seeking the same.  This group dignifies the doubts, values listening to one another, allows for questions and invites deep and wide dialogue.

A Women in Ministry Listening Group meets monthly to listen, pray and discern with one another.  Each group is unique and some value using a book study to assist them in becoming a spiritual community. Typically groups make a nine-month commitment to meet monthly and determine their meeting day and time.  A facilitator from Restoration Ministries is provided for each group to move forward the listening process, promote safety, confidentiality and accountability, and provide organizational oversight. A small fee is established at the first session provide for facilitation and space costs.

Currently a Women in Ministry Listening Group is in session but closed for new members at this time.  If you would like inquire about joining a future group, please contact Deborah Luedtke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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