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Restoration Ministries Newsletter - June, 2013

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Come, See a New Thing

New Sight

Wow, this year in Minnesota we waited so long for warmth, sunshine, and green to emerge into our landscape. 

Those of us who live in Minnesota typically spend a lot of time in conversation about the weather, often in small talk, many times as warnings for safety, about our heartiness in withstanding the extremes in temperature. Sometimes just talking and laughing about it eases some of the angst of the coldness or the length of our winters.

I noticed this year in particular, that when the warm weather began to come more consistently, and the sun began to shine more readily with its warming rays, my countenance and the countenance of others began to lift, hope renewed itself, and beauty began to burst forth anew. At last. 

One of the beautiful things about Minnesota that I really love and why I choose to live here is the beauty of the changing seasons and how they seem to mirror the seasons of our life.  I am so grateful for the newness that emerges in our landscape and for the deadness and dormancy to pass.

Nature has always been an important pathway for me to experience and attend to God's beauty and invitations. As a child I would take great comfort in wandering "the earth" on our farm, taking in the sounds, feeling the breeze, resting in a tree branch, breathing in the freshness of the air, smelling fresh mowed hay, or the fragrance of apple blossoms.  I believe that having these havens of rest is very good for us as humans, and that experiencing spacious green spaces fosters well-being and healthy brain development.  It is important to find these spaces for ourselves, and with our children and grandchildren to help them to see beyond a technology world and enter and experience a taste of real life. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and ears to what is real and beautiful right in front of us - to gain new sight even for the unseen Real. 

Another new thing: We have launched a new website. I invite you to visit us at www.restorationmn.org. We wanted to create a visual experience of rest. Our images reflect nature and we hope evoke within you an invitation to walk in it - to find a space for you and God to spend some time together. Then go take a real walk outside, look up and see the world that is much bigger than what is in your head.

Pastor Jean Leih


You are invited to the Restoration Ministries community picnic on Sunday evening, August 18, 2013, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Lions Park in Victoria. Save the date.  More information to come. Check back on our website.


A new manuscript study will begin sooner than originally planned! On October 22, 7-9 pm, we will begin by reading a typed manuscript of the Gospel of JOHN, listening for the questions that arise within us as we read the text together orally.  We invite you join with us in this "transforming experience" in reading from the beginning of the first word to the last word in this gospel of John.  

Visit our website for more information and to register.


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