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Restoration Ministries News and Events August, 2013

Posted in 2013

Restoration Ministries News and Events

Being present to your life, your real life...

 Being present to where you are or to whom you are with is not a new thought, but it does seem to be one that I need to to attend to regularly.  I practice being fully present when I am in a conversation with another, listening and attending to the person and the words being spoken, as well as what might be under the words. Being present when you are with another is a really important relational dynamic. This means that you are there with them, not miles away in your head, back at work, perhaps thinking about another situation or conversation, taking a daydream vacation, or checking your smartphone 
instead of truly being present.  It is equally important to be present to yourself.  What is going on in you, what are you noticing moving around in you that might distract or take you away from being present to the life you have or the one you are with. 
   In a recent reading of the story of Jesus' visit to the home of Martha and Mary I was reminded of this "be present" invitation. These two sisters welcomed Jesus into their home. Martha was preparing dinner and apparently very concerned that it be done well, details seemingly important to her. Mary, on the other hand, was enjoying being with Jesus, being fully present to Jesus who was with them in their home. Finally Martha's frustration or resentment, or perhaps even jealousy popped to the surface and she complained to Jesus, wanting him to fix this inequity. "Tell her to help me!"  Jesus' response is instructive as he affirms that it is Mary's attentiveness to his presence which was most needed. 

   We sometimes think of this as either/or rather than both/and.  I am either being a Martha or a Mary, rather than practicing being present to the Presence of Christ regardless of whether I am sitting in a quiet place or at my work. I invite you to practice being more mindful and aware that Christ is with you. You have welcomed him into the home of your heart. Practice being present to him who is present to you. 

Pastor Jean Leih

You are invited to the Restoration Ministries community picnic on Sunday evening, August 18, 2013, beginning at 4:30 pm at Lake Auburn Campground (sites 4,5,6) in Carver Park in Victoria (note location change). We will celebrate baptism and then enjoy a potluck dinner together ending with communion. Please bring your own lawn chair and a dish to share. We'll provide plates and utensils. We look forward to to seeing you and being together.

Lake Auburn Campground is a part of the Three Rivers Park District. Directions can be accessed on their website atthreeriversparks.org. 


We meet every Wednesday evening at the Restoration Ministry center in Chanhassen from 7:00-9:00 pm. Each week we have time to listen to a passage of Scripture, entering it in quiet and prayer. Sharing together from what lifted up from the Word, we learn and grow more deeply in our life with God and each other. All are welcome!


The Sunday evening group meeting from 4-5:30 will resume on September 8. This group is for those who have been in or completed Steps 1-5.  Register on website.


A new manuscript study will begin on October 22, 7-9 pm.  We will begin by reading a typed manuscript of the Gospel of JOHN, listening for the questions that arise within us as we read the text together orally.  We invite you join with us in this "transforming experience" in reading from the beginning of the first word to the last word in this gospel of John.  Facilitated by Marjorie Karjalahti, MDiv.  Call 952.241.4150 for more information.

Register on our website http://www.restorationmn.org 

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