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Restoration Ministries Newsletter - January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

Providing space to discern, know and experience Christ's Holy Presence, we facilitate freedom, healing, wholeness and provide paths for spiritual growth, deeper communion with God, and love of neighbor by offering:

    Spiritual Direction and soul care ministries
    Healing prayer sessions
    Resources for support and recovery at personal and/or family points of fracture
    Scripture and spirituality groups
    Retreats and retreat space where souls can find rest and renewal
    Professional Development & Supervision for pastors, spiritual directors, soul care providers
    Marketplace Initiatives to foster leading from within
    Collaborative ministries with the Church, local and at-large


Just as I'm catching my breath after Christmas, I see that Lent is soon to appear on my doorstep and I want to be ready to receive its lessons of love also.

Interestingly, I have been enjoying a beautiful Christmas card sitting next to my computer as I listen to the music of Michael Card. Together Christmas and Lent have been melding within the theme of "Freedom" (the title of the song that has captivated my attention).

The song expresses the very nature of our human experience: being lost, bound, captive to shame, tired, dying, and "trapped inside a cage I've made of hopelessly trying," bearing burdens, and grieving losses. "Prison walls and bolted doors. Something keeps on telling me that I was made for more. That there is Someone who can restore my freedom."

At these words my eyes turn to gaze on the infant lying asleep in the manger scene of the Christmas card. Such sweetness. Such a Someone!

The Son of God who emerged into our human experience through the warmth of a dark womb and lay sleeping innocently among the critters of His created world, would 33 years later emerge again from the cold dark tomb of death to bring us life...and freedom.

Pastor Marji Karjalahti

You are invited to join with us on Thursday evenings as we attend to Christ's Presence throughout the Lenten season drawing us into greater freedom and love.


One of our desires as a ministry is to create space for the Presence of God to be experienced and relationship with God deepened. As we offered during the Lenten season last year, we again want to offer a weekly, quiet place for wordless, centering prayer. We enter in silence, join with others in the silence around the visible elements of communion, bread and juice, symbolic of our Lord's Presence with us and within us.  We invite you to come into this space and time to enjoy being with God, with each other and with the very Presence of God who is within each of us. We will offer this opportunity on Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:30 pm, beginning February 14, 2013 ending on Maundy Thursday, March 28.  We invite you to join us.


Restoration Ministries has a number of trained spiritual directors available to provide spiritual companionship in one-to-one sessions. The intention is to provide space and time to listen, notice and be attentive to God's invitations in one's life and journey, to foster a deeper relationship with God, and to cultivate noticing, discerning and responding to God's Holy Spirit.
Call to schedule an appointment at: 952.241.4150

An Experience of Lectio Divina

Every Wednesday: 7-9 pm

Join with us and others for evenings of LISTENING PRAYER. Framed in simple worship, Scripture and prayerful sharing, this space is provided for attentiveness to listening to God and others. We meet every Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm. There is neither registration nor cost. Anyone is welcome to come and experience this quiet, worshipful listening space.

Location: Restoration Ministry Center, 952.241.4150

Restoration Ministries, 7975 Stone Creek Drive #130, Chanhassen, MN  55317

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