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Restoration Ministries Newsletter - January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Providing space to discern, know and experience Christ's Holy Presence, we facilitate freedom, healing, wholeness and provide paths for spiritual growth, deeper communion with God and love of neighbor by offering:

    Spiritual Direction and soul care ministries
    Healing prayer sessions
    Resources for support and recovery at personal and/or family points of fracture
    Scripture and spirituality groups
    Retreats and retreat space where souls can find rest and renewal
    Professional Development & Supervision for pastors, spiritual directors, soul care providers
    Marketplace Initiatives to foster leading from within
    Collaborative ministries with the Church, local and at-large


Sounds of fear rise up around us either as end-of-the-world predictions or cliffs we will be flung over never to return. As the voices in the media spoke loudly and on top of each other about such predicaments, most of us did not dress up in tin foil waiting to be beamed up into a UFO in the Pyrenees Mountains. The 21st of December came and went. So did the initial deadline for the “cliff” experience. Now another “ugly, bloody battle” is ahead and we will hear about it until the end of February at least.

I have thought about how all this is heard by children and the fragile in our midst embedding fear more deeply within them. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to spend time my grandchildren. My seven year old grandson, David, was afraid to go to sleep one night when the wind was blustering and the tree branches were scraping the roof above his bed. When asked what was wrong, he said he was really scared. "Of what?" "I am afraid the world is going to end."

Well why wouldn't he be, with all that is declared so publicly and loudly about such things. Why would he even have these thoughts? We did take time to talk about his fears and about how, with God, even an ending promises a new beginning that holds life, not death.

I am not a child, and for me it is tiring to try and sort out all the voices, the truth, the half-truths, the cover-ups, the political rhetoric. Who to believe? Who to trust? It seems that people and their strong opinions are divided even more acutely along partisan lines with huge amounts of monies expended to make sure a “side” wins. Couldn’t we find ways to listen, have dialogue, try to understand another’s point of view that could possibly lead to finding a reasonable way forward instead of name calling and expletives spoken in the heat of frustrations? No doubt there is a daunting task ahead.
Incarnation means that God is in this mess of humanity and human predicament with us. How can we name our experience of the holy in the midst of it? How might we find guidance and wisdom from God during such seasons? How do we offer hope and life-giving ways?

Important questions to ponder and much to hold in prayer.

Pastor Jean Leih

Register Now for 12-STEP SPIRITUAL JOURNEY Classes

People mature in faith and those who are just being awakened to a personal relationship with God can find tremendous value in the Twelve Steps. By regularly applying them to the events of one’s life, the steps become a means for enriching one’s relationship with God. The steps are especially powerful when used together with the regular Christian practices of prayer, meditation and bible study.

The Twelve Steps—A Spiritual Journey contains scriptural passages that illustrate the harmony between the practice of Christianity and the working of the Twelve Steps. The use of Scripture provides an understanding of the Twelve Steps within a biblical context. The steps are a profoundly powerful process for allowing God to heal damaged emotions.

Restoration Ministries offers The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey in two series of classes. The first allows participants to work through Steps 1-5 and the 2nd, Continuing the Journey, completes Steps 6-12. 

STEPS 1-5 The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey

Saturday mornings January 19 for ten weeks
9:00-10:30 am

Restoration Ministry Center
7975 Stone Creek Drive #130
Chanhassen, MN  55317

Required: The Twelve Steps A Spiritual Journey: A Working Guide for Healing 2012 Edition

STEPS 6-12 Continuing the Journey

For those who have completed the first five steps of the 12 Step Spiritual Journey, this group will continue on through the program.

Mondays, January 14 through March 4
Restoration Ministry Center

There are no fees for these classes. Contributions are accepted.
For more information on 12-Step classes contact Brenda Grieg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To Register:  www.restorationmn.org/Opportunities


Restoration Ministries has a number of trained spiritual directors available to provide spiritual companionship in one-to-one sessions. The intention is to provide space and time to listen, notice and be attentive to God's invitations in one's life and journey, to foster a deeper relationship with God, and to cultivate noticing, discerning and responding to God's Holy Spirit.

Call to schedule an appointment at: 952.241.4150

An Experience of Lectio Divina

Every Wednesday: 7-9 pm

Join with us and others for evenings of LISTENING PRAYER. Framed in simple worship, Scripture and prayerful sharing, this space is provided for attentiveness to listening to God and others. We meet every Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm. There is neither registration nor cost. Anyone is welcome to come and experience this quiet, worshipful listening space.

Location: Restoration Ministry Center, 952.241.4150
May you know God's blessings,

Pastor Jean Leih

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